Follow the first follower

These are busy times for me at work and earlier this week I attended a seminar on management and co-working, a seminar which was coincidently held by an old high-school friend of mine whom I had not seen ever since I graduated. We both were pleasantly surprised to see each other over there and even more surprised that it was eighteen years ago that we saw each other, even though it felt like as if it was just yesterday! Needless to say we had a lot to catch up. Anyways, she is a management consultant and in her very inspiring speech about leadership she used a clip on youtube which I found really interesting. Its a funny and down to earth explanation of how the dynamics of leadership and fellowship works. That’s why I thought sharing it with you guys in case you haven’t seen it before, you might find it useful in your everyday management of life or work. Thank you Johanna! 

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Satrapi in front of the camera

As you might know I am a big fan of Marjane Satrapi and her work, and I am thrilled to see that the girl behind that quirky charming humour has decided to appear in front of the camera and act it all out herself! The trailer for her mob comedy “Gang of the Jotas” is out and from what I understand it has nothing to do with either Persians or the Persian culture (so don’t get disappointed). This is by the way not Satrapi’s first acting in front of the camera, she also played a role in “French Kisses” back in 2009 and the rumour has that she has a new project on the way possibly starring Ryan Raynolds, called “The Voices”.

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The story of a timeless toy

I don’t think that there is anyone who has never seen or held a piece of LEGO in his hand, heck I remember building with them in early 80’s back in Iran! And even though one might think that they have been around forever, just like the jigsaw puzzle, there is a creative brain and a story of origin behind them. In LEGO’s case its a charming story of Danish origin, which you can watch here in a PIXAR style animated short film. Happy 80th birthday LEGO!

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Regarding Necar

Don’t forget to check the September issue of Regard magazine for new photos of the Iranian actress Necar Zadegan. Or you can just check them here!

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Should I go gecko?

I think I’ve found my next hair style!

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Persian carpet shoes

Check out designer Anton Repponen‘s latest Persian carpet cut shoes from his so called Persian Collection! Now, is that carpet chic or carpet kitch?!

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A sketch from scratch ….

… I did today, with only a vague idea in mind, to see how it develops and where it leads. Its a nice way of keeping the creative juices flowing and prevent a block!

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I never said “I’ll be back!”

But I am back! Back at blogging after eight months of unprecedented absence. Then again, I never said I’ll be gone either. There were things that needed my full attention during this period and got it, but now I’m back to the home that I’ve missed. And to you, my dear reader, whom I am sure have been coming here every single day looking for me!lol And I know that you are so touched right now that you can barely read this text, hehe, so I’m gonna cut it shorter than usual. In fact the blog is gonna be a bit different than usual! But all in due time. Just a last note before I go, like always, if you have anything that you want to share on this blog just drop me an email. Cheers!

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