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New Release: Mansour – “Ghashange”

Mansour’s album is finally released: And having heard the samples all I can utter is: …Whyyyyyyy??? 

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Robbie is a Pet Shop Boy!

I was basically initiated into the world of music by the PET SHOP BOYS! The legendary British duo who ruled the dancefloors of the 80’s and 90’s with their magical brand of AMBIENT DISCO music. The first record I ever … Continue reading

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The world wide web never seize to amaze me! Apparently I was misinformed about Farinaz and Sogand, the talented girls of the female HIP HOP duo FS! They do not reside in Iran but rather in Germany and Holland! Regardless … Continue reading

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Men Without Women (part II)

Have you ever realised that despite the increasingly overwhelming wave of young underground singers that flows inside the country at the moment we see almost no female aspirants among them!? And this to me is VERY interesting! Why is that?! … Continue reading

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Lame Sense of Humour!

I just got this lame joke via mail! Of course its fake! Just see how far some people can go and how low they can stoop!!

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Milking the CASH COW Again?

As if the disappointment caused by Andy’s latest album, the mediocre “City of Angels”, wasn’t enough to shake my faith, an announcement about a new Andy album due out March 1st, only a year after the predecessor, sends shivers down … Continue reading

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Holy POP! (part II)

After publishing the first “Holy POP” post about the UNDERGROUND generation turning to religious POP as a flirt with Ershaad and also a musical trend and flavour-of-the-month to catch, a dear reader of mine pointed out that while such religious … Continue reading

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Impossible to Review

I often get requests to review the many illegal/illegitimate albums that are either sold under-counter inside Iran as printed CDs or distributed online via blogs and websites! Works that are of a varied technical and artistic quality. Albums that I … Continue reading

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Prince of Persia, the Movie

The tagline of my blog is “Iranian Music and More!”, so here comes a post to represent MORE: The Prince of Persia, one of my all-time favourite GAME characters (and not only because he is Persian! Hehe!) is to be … Continue reading

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Collarless Misery is History?

I’m so happy to see some of our artists who a few years ago were all looking either prude, sad or bitter while singing even happy songs are today lightening up with each album! Not only Shahram Solati and Omid … Continue reading

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