The Other Face of Piracy

Music piracy has two faces! One is a popular face which gets rightfully repeatedly portrayed and bashed in the media and the other is the industrial face which the industry tries hard to veil and cover from public exposure and scrutiny! These two are partners in crime!!

As you guys might know, one thing I mainly attend to in my music reviewing is ”moch-giri”! To expose the Iranian industrial piracy! Rip-offs and plagiaries of other Iranian songs and mainly foreign songs by so called professional Iranian artists who underestimate the audience and the information technology of today! A sad conduct that we all know is commited far too often for being such a relatively tiny industry! An industry that demands legal adherence from its consumers but isnt always that keen to set an example itself by acting accordingly! Talk about hypocrisy!!

In my reviews I advocate equally against both faces of piracy! However I try to expose and emphesise the industrial side even more since I find it being deliberately neglected by the large part of the Iranian media, lobbied by the agents of the industry! But in this quest I need your help! Sometimes there are some cases that I cant put my finger on, simply since I have not heard the originals before! Now many readers email me and report to me already but if you too -my dear reader- already know any rip-off or happen to come across one in the future please do inform me and others by reporting it to me via email! Thank you in advance, hopefully together we will drive the Iranian industry towards a more ethically correct and adherent industry!

To make the artists realise that when they steal another artist’s work by unethical/illegal copying, its nothing less than fans stealing their work by illegal downloading!! Both are considered “piracy”!!

So when you spot a rip-off don’t wait for the review to be published and see if I too have managed to put my finger on it! Hurry and drop me an email and rest assured that i will credit you in my review! Thank you!

No more “music: Arabic”!

No more “music: inspired by …”!

No more “music: remix of …”!


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