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Who Said We’re Grumpy?

I remember the first time I watched an interview with Pouya it was a couple of years ago (it wasn’t his first interview but rather the first that I caught) I was pleasantly shocked and surprised! Based on all images/videos … Continue reading

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Chavoshi still Illegal!

Mohsen Chavoshi whose biggest dream, according to himself, is to become a “mojaaz” singer doesn’t understand why he cant get a legal permit when some of his songs have been played on state radio and television! He also complains about … Continue reading

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Fatty Jooooooooooooooooooooon!!!

Million Stylez is the stage name of a new Swedish artist, whose latest DANCEHALL song “Miss Fatty” (referring to a big booty babe) has because of its phonetic resemblance to our own “Fati (joon)” become a HIT amongst Iranians here! … Continue reading

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The Ketchup Effect

Previously posted in Reviewer’s Randoms: People ask my opinion about WHY the 6/8 (shesh-o-hasht) beat is so commonly used on most Iranian albums! Well the answer is rather simple! Its because its “popular“! In the sense that it -based on … Continue reading

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Error on the Poster!

A VERY GOOD movie except for its few badly edited animal scenes where u could clearly see the “puppets”! Yeah, such details bug the hell out of me, especially when the rest of the movie is excellently done! Another bugging … Continue reading

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Mahshar is Back?

Mahshar, previously (wrongly) known as DJ Maryam, reportedly left Iran a while ago. Today a bootleg album has surfaced on the internet featuring 8 new high quality songs! Whether this album is another stolen/leaked album or a freebee we do … Continue reading

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Mina Lisa passed away!

I just heard that Mina Lisa, the model/singer member of the early 80’s POP duo MAHMOUD & MINA LISA that was one of the first new acts formed in LA and presented by Fereydoun Farokhzad, has passed away! May her … Continue reading

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Right after NOROOZ the fourth album of the ARIAN band is set to be released with 12 tracks and 3 music videos! As usual the creative members of the band have contributed with material. I must say that I wasnt … Continue reading

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Watch the BBC Documentary

If you haven’t watched this interesting documentary yet here is your chance! I strongly recommend it, especially for its cultural features!  

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The Solatis Ripping Off Once Again!

On each album of the Solati brother and sister you can find a rip off! An (mostly) Arabic song blatantly employed with absolute no credit to the original singer or the creator! On “Ghassam” its time for Amal Hijazi’s “Mestani Eih” to … Continue reading

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