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Rooze Jahaanie Kaargar

I salute all hardworking men and women on their day, May 1! Happy May Day every one!!

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More Expatriates Return

Following the trend of less successful expatriate artists’ return to motherland, reportedly both Soleiman Vaseghi aka Soli and Amir Rasaei are in Iran and applying for a legal permit!

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The Korean Monster

Finally managed to watch this Korean MONSTER-MOVIE that had been recommended to me. It’s a rather unconventional movie in terms of combining THRILLER with COMEDY and DRAMA in a strange yet successful fashion! If you too are a fan of … Continue reading

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Back to Innocence!

If you happened to grow up in Iran (doesnt really matter which decade since IRIB is known for reruns!lol) you have probably got acquainted with one or few of these cartoons! If so don’t forget to take a trip down … Continue reading

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Fereydoun is Back with New Album

Fereydoun whose second album “Gharibe” became a HUGE success a couple of years ago is now about to release his follow up in Iran. The albums that has been recorded in Dubai is reportedly nothing remotely close to “Gharibe” in … Continue reading

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My Top 5 Music Video Directors

I was asked by several readers to list my TOP 5 music-video DIRECTORS “currently” active in the Iranian industry! So here they come in particular order: 1- Vahik, not many know the name of this actor/director, but many are familiar … Continue reading

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Not Forever Young, But a Forever Song!

The German SYNTH/Electro-POP group Alphaville is perhaps one the most influential bands in my life with their “Big in Japan”, an immortal song that still till this day gives me goosebumps when listening to it! Alphaville has perhaps not managed … Continue reading

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Allies of the Pirates?

Unlike the LA-industry and its artists who regard the pirate websites of the Iranian online community as parasites and the plague itself, the Iran-based artists seem to have a more or less symbiotic relationship with them! Even its professional and … Continue reading

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God Bless Photoshop!lol ;p

larger version:

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Rahnama-ye Trance!

Alright I once mentioned a surprise for the fans of Babak Rahnama and the TRANCE and since then I haven’t been left alone by his fans!lol Well now you’ve got that big surprise served! Babak has as of this month … Continue reading

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