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Leftover Propaganda > Overrated Entertainment

The ultra right-winger Masoud Dehnamaki’s JEBHE tribute “Ekhraajihaa” is considered as a BOXOFFICE HIT and one of the most successful Iranian movies of the year! Everyone but one had recommended this movie to me as a “hilarious comedy“. Finally I … Continue reading

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CDWOW lost, but its the Industry’s loss!

I am a supporter of the online store CDWOW, and they just lost a court case against the British music industry for “parallel importing” original albums from other countries (mainly from Asia) and selling them cheaper than the “standard” market RPP … Continue reading

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The lovely Jessica Biel 😀

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Update on the Hami-Sarfaraz dispute:

Hami has in an interview in the magazine “Ettefaghe No” given his version of the story which strikes anyone with a bit knowledge about the history of Iranian POP music very strange, in particular his background info on the song in question. … Continue reading

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Does Size Matter?

  For all those who have ever wondered why some of my reviews are longer, in fact much longer than my shortest, here are the reasons why: Note that there is no standard template for reviews. You will find ultra-biased … Continue reading

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The unstoppable unethical Hami!

Despite serious efforts by the Sarfaraz brothers to stop Hami’s album because of illegal and unauthorized remake of “Maahie Tonge Boloor” the album was released a few days back with that controversial song included! Something tells me that we haven’t … Continue reading

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Religious melting-pot of Goulette

The Tunisian director Ferid Boughedir’s coming-of-age story “Halfounie – Boy of the terrace” is one of my favourite films. A couple of years ago I happened to watch another great film by him, “Un Été á La Goulette (a summer … Continue reading

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Holy ROCK!!!

  After having experienced a fair share of Holy POP coming from the country we are now about to witness the first Holy ROCK band in Iran! Equivalent to the Western Christian ROCK and delivering Religious/Political ROCK music the band … Continue reading

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Sadeghi’s concerts cancelled

As I reported a while ago Reza Sadeghi was to hold his first European concerts in May, these concerts in UK and Sweden were however cancelled due to him not receiving a permit for performance! Now there has surfaced rumours … Continue reading

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Ready to get X-ed?!

If you’re a fan of the X-men trilogy then this boxset is a MUST for you! Containting 6 discs, it features the special version and all extra material from each movie! Avaialble only in UK!

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