Does Size Matter?


For all those who have ever wondered why some of my reviews are longer, in fact much longer than my shortest, here are the reasons why:

Note that there is no standard template for reviews. You will find ultra-biased few-sentence-long reviews without any kind of technical analysis in the most famous music journals, by most renowned reviewers in West! I personally have never enjoyed these pretentious sucks-vs-rocks reviewing nor found them informative, let alone constructive for the artists. And therefore constructed an own body of review consisted mainly of four following parts:

– official information (mostly printed on the album)

– additional information (via press, readers and informers)

– reviewer’s analysis (technical and commercial aspects)

– reviewer’s reflections (own thoughts in words)

Now depending on these contents a review can turn out to be either very short or very long! Official info is almost always available for the backbone. However additional information is not always obtained especially in regards to Iran-based artists! In general our music industry, neither branch of it has a traditional relation with the media, let alone handing out adequate press-releases! So what’s left is my own information about the background and fans’ submitted info. And if the artist is just debuting without any exposure in the media and contact with me then I know just as little as you about her/him!

The material generates the analysis itself, under the light of related knowledge against a backdrop of historic evidences and experience. The reflections however do not always come that easily! And its mostly my own thought and feelings generated by the material that fill out the reviews. Why not that easy? Well since unlike the analysis which any kind of material will generate, reflections are only generated through “engaging” material! And that means engaging to “me”, the analyst and writer, in order for me to pour my impressions out. If the music doesn’t engage me, no matter if its technically superb or lame, I cant and wont squeeze out insincere words just to make a body bulkier. Neither me nor you would like that! Therefore, without having it clouding my judgment, I stick to the mere technical aspects and have them analysed and rated. So that’s why you might find low ratings on a long review and high ratings on a short review. The first was engaging even though bad, the latter unengaging even though great!

In closing I have to say that the lack of serious critics in our society and culture is alarming! I once initiated the reviews with the hope that someday some readers out there would find it inspiring and encouraging to grab the pen (a term that gets more irrelevant every day in these days of digitalised culture) start to write themselves. And that’s what I still hope for! Even if they would use my reviews as templates, as I have seen some do in Persian and English but unfortunately quit after a few reviews since the job is time consuming and financially unrewarding, I would be honoured and proud! And since everyone sits on unique and private information and knowledge even I, the “ReviewMaster” (or “ReviewFather”? In an Iranian entertainment industry where everyone proclaims her-/himself as kings and queens I thought giving this dubbing a shot!lol) might learn a few things from them! The problem with our showbusiness and entertainment industry is that people regard colleagues as mere rivals and threats! They want to be alone doing whatever they do! Not being aware that a constructive rivalry generates progress and encourages evolution!

Example of a short review:

Example of a long review:

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