Update on the Hami-Sarfaraz dispute:

Hami has in an interview in the magazine “Ettefaghe No” given his version of the story which strikes anyone with a bit knowledge about the history of Iranian POP music very strange, in particular his background info on the song in question. Hami claims that this song has been preformed initially by Naser Farhoudi (who happens to be the owner of the studio Hami has recorded in) but was originally crafted for Ahmad Reza Nabizadeh! He claims that late Varoojan’s arrangement and instrumentation have been completely altered in order to fit his voice better! About getting authorization from Sarfaraz Hami claims that he has not been able to reach him, or his parents which according to a relative are the persons who are in charge in their son’s absence! And NOT his brother Afshin Sarfaraz whom Hami considers as an opportunist and charlatan, wanting to abuse the brothers works without authorization and not letting Hami getting directly in touch with him!

I must say that this dispute gets stranger and nastier day by day, and in foreground of Leila Forouhar’s original and Ardalan’s official blog I must say that Hami‘s “explanations“ and counter-accusations come across as less credible!

Thanks to Ashkan 

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