CDWOW lost, but its the Industry’s loss!

I am a supporter of the online store CDWOW, and they just lost a court case against the British music industry for “parallel importing” original albums from other countries (mainly from Asia) and selling them cheaper than the “standard” market RPP in Europe and mainly UK! I am truly sorry that the doomed music industry wont take off its blinders and for once see the entire picture here! CDWOW lost only so much, but the companies will lose many times that because of their obsolete policies and not being able to differentiate between friends and foes! In other words they bite the hands that feed them, much like what the Iranian industry does at times!

They should ask themselves this question: is it better to get your own “original” albums sold cheaper but in higher quantity worldwide or price them regionally so high that only few is sold and the rest illegally download the album without any kind of compensation?!!


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