Leftover Propaganda > Overrated Entertainment

The ultra right-winger Masoud Dehnamaki’s JEBHE tribute “Ekhraajihaa” is considered as a BOXOFFICE HIT and one of the most successful Iranian movies of the year! Everyone but one had recommended this movie to me as a “hilarious comedy“. Finally I got to watch a surprisingly excellent copy of it sent to me by my dear aunt and let me just say that I was truly wondering whether I had been sent the wrong movie or not! A revolutionary dinosaur’s leftover propaganda, romanticizing the obsolete ideals and marketing tactics of a war that killed a million of innocent people! Topped with a generally uncharismatic cast but here and there silver-lined with a few comic-relief one-liners delivered by a misplaced Abdi! No matter how schizophrenic and contradictory Dehnamaki (holding a pad in the picture) has been in recent years when it comes to his religio-political stance and his social engagement this flick was a re-manifestation of a hypocritical relic’s true colours!

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