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Re-introducing JAZZ to Iran

“Farhangsaraye Honar” has lately been the forum for domestic JAZZ lovers as it held a festival for bands that aspired to fuse the American genre with the Iranian musicality and once-and-for-all correct the meaning and using of the term “Jazz” in … Continue reading

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Traditional instruments getting less popular

  According to many scholars and tutors of music in Iran lately less music students are showing interest in the traditional instruments, and they blame it solely on the Iranian satellite TV for promoting the POP music and glorifying the instruments … Continue reading

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Jimmy the junkie …elephant!

Watched “Free Jimmy” last night, a Norwegian CG animated movie about a drug addicted circus elephant by the name of Jimmy who is on the run and gets a crazy bunch of characters on his tail! A highly innovative and … Continue reading

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House of Music’s library of music

“Khaneye Moosighi” is to open a library of music, which will archive both books and audio files. They have urged all private collectors to help the project by donating rare pieces to the library in order for the archive to … Continue reading

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Babak’s studio flooded, the Universal Trance Show delayed!

As I’m sure that you’ve been reading/hearing in the NEWS a few days ago there was a flood in London, and as a result Babak Rahnama’s recording studio was flooded and filled with water! All the equipment was nearly destroyed … Continue reading

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ATTENTION: “Reviewer’s Randoms” updated!

Normally the same entries that are posted in the Bia2 blog are also posted in my blogspot blogs REVIEWERS RANDOMS and PROMEMORIA. However these past months I have not had the time to simultaneously update the blogspot blogs! And it … Continue reading

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New Release: Erfan & Barobax

Mystery 4 has branched out as a record label and two of its first releases are by two debuting acts that the Bia2 visitors are more than familar with, especially Barobax: Erfan – “Az Khaane Taa Goor” Barobax – “WAG”

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Departure of a Diva

I just heard that Fakhere Saba, the DIVA of Iranian OPERA and pioneer who once paved way for other women after returning from Paris and teaching at the academy, passed away at the age of 82! May she rest in … Continue reading

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A new review is published!

In case you have missed the main page a new review is published and it happens to be, as promised, the one on Hami’s latest! Thanks for your patience! Enjoy! 😉   Istanbul, the ReviewMaster in a hotel lobby, philosophizing …

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Bayat’s biography to be soon published

  The author Yousef Yazdani is currently writing a biography on the life and work of late Babak Bayat. The book tentatively titled “the empire of the notes, will be in 200 pages. Featuring an interview with the artist himself. … Continue reading

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