Too sexy for the industry?

Sepideh’s album “No Fear” is out, after months of delay and a change of label. I’m happy to see that its with the original cover image which I’ve loved ever since I saw it in the advert last year! Yes by now you all know me and know that I “proudly” support and endorse every female artist who dares to be comfortable and outgoing with her sexuality! And yes its because I love sex but more importantly because I immensely despise an industry that advocates and practises sexual hypocrisy! I admit that I was afraid that the album cover wouldn’t see the light of day in this morally paranoid and panicked industry of ours and allegedly it indeed was a close call! However I’m glad that Sepideh stood up and fought for her integrity and didn’t give in to the pressures! The tasteful image portrays a woman. A beautiful, strong AND sexual woman in an intimate moment alone in her solitude! Instead what some see is only the little skin on the surface and nothing beyond that, because to them sex isnt a part of the complete image as it is in nature! Its sex vs. everything else!! And this is exactly the attitude that should be fought against! I wonder what the industry would have done if it was dominated by fundamental Christians, considering the icon of Madonna and child in the background! It would probably had triggered an Iranian version of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” controversy!lol

Sepideh is an independent and sexy woman who is not affraid of displaying both publically! She once wrote in her profile on her website that she appreciates a guy’s cute bottom! Now in this seemingly “prude” culture of ours you dont see many Iranian artists, let alone female ones, utter such honest words! My kind of girl!! 😉

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