FlashBack # 1

With the mainstream music-televisions being commercially devoted to the trends of time and disposable videos of the day one cant help but to praise youtube for its capacity as a forum to allow veteran music fans making nostalgic videos accessible for each other’s viewing pleasure. Henceforth a new series by the name of “FlashBack” will be presented in this blog, wherein I intend to revive old nostalgic videos courtesy of youtube. A series mainly for those who do remember them and secondly for those who never got a chance to know them! First off is the video of one of my all-time favourite songs, perhaps one of the best songs EVER made! I present you the one-hit-wonders of CUTTING CREW and their timeless “(I just) Died in Your Arms”!

The gem was a recipe on how a song can be extremely romantic in title and chorus yet not a single bit cheesy or banal! All its takes is that little twist which this song enjoys in its performance!! I still get Goosebumps hearing it! Btw by now you all have heard Mika’s recent HIT “Relax”, listen to the opening and guess which 80’s song its derived from!

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