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Another VOYAGE back to the 80’s with Kate

A couple of years ago the Belgian DANCE-MUSIC queen Kate Ryan had a huge HIT with a cover on Mylene Farmer’s timeless “Desenchantee”. Now she is back with another cover this time on a less known HIT from the 80’s, … Continue reading

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The Iranian Culture Club at San Francisco State University (SFSU) arranged a conference called “Iranians on the Internet” on September 22. My colleague Amir attended the conference on behalf of as its founder. You can watch the interview along … Continue reading

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Sepideh: “I am tired of being afraid!”

A couple of weeks ago I watched Shahrouz Rafiee’s program “Baa Ham, Vali Bi To” where he indirectly touched the whole issue of Sepideh’s controversial cover image by saying that by cultural default its not appropriate for us Iranians to … Continue reading

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Review Update: Farez’ Persian bently

Milad of Farez contacted me and explained that only one song on the album carries a sample and thats “Persianality”, which is derived from the Italian “Yellow Bently”! However I stressed that credits for a song like “Niloofar” which is … Continue reading

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Like master, like apprentice

Morteza Katouzian is by far my favourite Iranian painter and inspiring artist. His elaborate work combines the classic European techniques with the Iranian spirit and mentality like no other painter before him. His sense for details is simply astonishing! There … Continue reading

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Sami Yusuf is Babak Radmanesh’s son!

According to Hamshahri Sami Yusuf who has been acclaimed by the Western media as the biggest ROCKSTAR of the Muslim world is as a matter of fact the son of Babak Radmanesh, the renowned Iranian composer! Sami whose real name … Continue reading

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One hot heart-shaped box!

You either love or hate his films! To me the Italian director Tinto Brass is the Fellini of EROTICA! I have waited for such a collection a long time and now this newly released heart-shaped box is the crown of … Continue reading

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She was a He!!!

When I first saw this video of the German TEEN-ROCK band Tokio Hotel I thought I saw and heard a female lead singer! Later I found out that the looks had been deceiving and it was a HE, not a … Continue reading

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Namjoo wont return for the play

Namjoo who is an academically trained actor despite his recent fame in music declined the offer to return to Iran and act in Siamak Sefri’s stage play “Chand taa aashegh to khiaboon Nasser Khosro”!

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Ahmadinejad attacked for attending a musical!

The rightwing organ “Jomhoori” attacked president Mahmoud Ahmadinjead for attending the religious musical of “Rasoole Eshghe (va Omid)” because of the composer’s link to the old Pahlavi court! Even though the content was a tribute to the prophets of the book and president … Continue reading

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