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Ershaad wins the first rond!

While “Hozeye Honari” (that had issued the permit for DARKOOB’s debut concert) tried to explain away the sudden cancellation by suggesting that the concert hall was inappropriate, Ershaad (which according to rumours had cancelled the show as a move in its war … Continue reading

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Smash the pig for the Pink!

Pink Floyd is to release a limited boxset featuring the entire Pink Floyd studio album catalogue packaged as mini-vinyl reproductions!!! Talking about ULTIMATE!!! I’m gonna smash my piggy bank unless some wonderful person comes along and buys this baby for … Continue reading

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FlashBack # 3

Through the years no other music act has inspired and influenced me so profoundly as MODERN TALKING has! The German showbusiness entrepreneur and HIT manufacturer Dieter Bohlen couldn’t have discovered a better vocal prodigy for his songs than Thomas Anders’ … Continue reading

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The Complete Series

If you are a fan of American TV-series then November is a month you should mark in your calendar! Since many of the last decade’s popular series are to be released in complete sets. Take the Seinfeld boxset for instance, … Continue reading

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Drawing decently dirty

My girlfriend forwarded this clip to me, knowing me she knew that I’d love it and I do! This guy is really good!! WARNING: If you get offended by sexuality in art, even though its comic, then don’t do what … Continue reading

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New Release: Moein – “Toloo”

Moein’s (least said) highly awaited and anticipated album is finally released after five years of postponing, on MZM:  

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Free ebooks from Project Gutenburg

Need books and are short of cash? Then I highly recommend Project Gutenburg, a library of 20000 free ebooks whose copyright has expired in the USA Book listings! A collection compiled by tens of thousands of volunteers! Have a nice reading! 😉 … Continue reading

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