FlashBack # 3

Through the years no other music act has inspired and influenced me so profoundly as MODERN TALKING has! The German showbusiness entrepreneur and HIT manufacturer Dieter Bohlen couldn’t have discovered a better vocal prodigy for his songs than Thomas Anders’ angelic voice back in the 80’s. The legendary duo of POP music were despite their artistic compatibility and success a mismatched couple with constant private disputes! Something which led to their separation in 1988, at the peak of their career, and a second separation six years after the successful comeback in 1998. For me personally Modern Talking was no longer Modern Talking after the mere commercial reunion, even though attracting a new generation of fans the OLD-SCHOOL flavour was slowly but surely fading. And one could see these changes even on their album covers, going from amazing artworks to dull close-up images. Therefore I have picked a video that takes me back to the glamorous 80’s and the timeless creations of the duo. The video for the ÃœBER-HIT “Cheri Cheri Lady” is also significant in the grand scheme of the era, portraying the transition from NEW WAVE to NEW ROMANTIC in terms of style and fashion!

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