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Lets sing in 2008 ABBA style!

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No artist won the first prize of POP!

The competition is now over and the judges were unanimous, no artist or group were good enough to deserve the first prize of the POP category! The second prize went to Behran Bahador’s band and the third prize to the … Continue reading

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Sound-alike tendencies discouraged at FAJR

Judges of the FAJR festival have made it clear that any attempt to sound-alike singing or “shabih-khaani” will be discouraged and if necessary disqualified!

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Ershaad: POP music might get an own festival in future

Khoshkhoo of Ershaad said that the public and media’s response to the addition of POP music to this year’s FAJR music festival is a good sign and if everything goes as planned in this year’s festival a future festival for … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Hôtel lounge

If you are into LOUNGE/CHILL OUT music then you are surely familiar with the popular Hôtel Costes series. An absolutely stunning 10-CD Anniversary boxset featuring the complete Hôtel Costes series has been just released! Pressed on gold discs and stored in a … Continue reading

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The ARIAN caused traffic!

While everyone is complaining about the unsold tickets of FAJR and blame it on bad marketing, the ARIAN shocked everyone by attracting the largest crowd to their performance days ago! A performance which wasn’t part of the festival’s competition.

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Critics accuse IRIB of ridiculing the musical instrument!

As you surely know its by law strictly forbidden to display any kind of musical instrument in the television of Islamic Republic of Iran. Something which was more or less accepted by the artistic establishment till recently when IRIB allowed a … Continue reading

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70 members of the music industry met

  The first summit of 70 members from the domestic music industry took place recently in direct association with the first music expo in Tehran. There were publishers, producers and researchers present as well as musicians to discuss the future … Continue reading

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Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas everybody! Hope you’ve been really bad, cuz the Bad Santa here only brings goodies to bad girls and boys (well only girls, but don’t tell the boys! hehe! 😉 )! I thought kill two birds with one stone … Continue reading

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Performers on FAJR festival wont need permit!

According to Ershaad no artist or act competing in the FAJR festival will need a permit to release their preformed material! All material will automatically be granted a permit.

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