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Persian bohemian from Bronx

Haale, a Bronx-born woman of Iranian descent, grew up with Hendrix, Peter Gabriel, and Dylan while Persian traditional music whispered in the background. On her album “No Ceiling”, Haale injects classic and psychedelic-influenced rock with new life, by drawing on … Continue reading

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Ehsan is to go on a European tour

Ehsan Khajeamiri, the son of the legendary Iraj, is to go on his first tour outsid Iran! The route for this “Norooz Tour” goes through Europe with stop in countries such as Italy, Germany, Ireland and England. Reportedly he is to perform a … Continue reading

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Ultimate U2

You’ve read about this ultimate boxset in my blog a couple of weeks ago. Some have requested my own pics of the set, so here they come. Again, this set is only three months old but already rare and soon OOS … Continue reading

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Book: the impact of music on Persian language

Mansoureh Sabethzadeh, a researcher in the field of music, will soon release her researches about the trace and impact of the music on the Persian language. She approaches the issue from different perspectives, including historical, cultural, religious and scientific.

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I’m blue (da ba dee, da ba dye)

If there is a creature between a Neanderthal and a Metrosexual, then that would be me! I guess some would call it Normal?! Anyway, as such I am not a guy with a collection of fragrances picked for daily showers! … Continue reading

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New Release: Shahryar – “Saraab”

Shahryar’s 4th album is now released entitled “Saraab”:  

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New Review: Hatef – “Royaaye Aabi”

The new review is published, its on Hatef’s latest: We’ve also done some changes to the review section! Enjoy!

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Seminar on music and media in Tehran

The composer and chairman of the House of Music, Mohammad Sarir, expressed concern regarding the vague conditions when it comes to the use of music in the Iranian media. Attending and speaking at the recent seminar on the subject, Sarir … Continue reading

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Swedish children listen to Shamaizadeh!

Back with more Iranian/Swedish connections, did you know that Swedish children listen to Shamaizadeh every single day?! No its not an April’s fool joke in advance! While zapping through channels yesterday I discovered the children’s program on Swedish national TV … Continue reading

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Aussie à la française

Tina Arena has practically become an honorary French artist! Its really remarkable how one single song in another language can for ever change the course of your career, something which happened to this beautiful Aussie lass less than a decade … Continue reading

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