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Concerts postponed due to parliamentary elections

Due to the current parliamentary elections in Iran many of the planned concerts have been cancelled or postponed! Hamid Askari managed to open his tour with a concert to then postpone the rest till after the political event.

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Iranian music, cultural or political?

In an article in the latest issue of the musical monthly Gozareshe Moosighi, Kambiz Roshanravan discusses the fact that the Iranian music has gradually become political rather than cultural. This is a rather controversial statement as most critics would rather … Continue reading

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Lady Ladan and her Act of Grace

You have seen her name in many of my reviews and blog entries, always helping me in my quests for songs and various information. Ladan is namely your fellow reader and my dearest friend. Not only being intelligent and beautiful … Continue reading

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OLDBOY, the ULTIMATE EDITION! The most expensive and rarest (single movie) set in my collection! Released five years ago and constantly increasing in price! Its gorgeous and pics just don’t do it justice!

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Looming deadline

As you might have been noticing there has been hiccups in my blogging the past weeks and its due to a project I’m working on which consumes more time than its ranson! Sadly affecting my other commitments such as reviewing and … Continue reading

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24 KD

Kamran Delan’s follow up to the successful debut album “-U” has been titled “24:00” and is due out September 2008! With the first music video from the album to be broadcasted next week! As I’ve said before I have had … Continue reading

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Back to the summer of 64

If you happened to be a kid or even older back in the 80’s chances are that you have owned a COMMODORE 64. The cartridge equipped computer and its practically stored games on cassette tapes, which in TURBO format could … Continue reading

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She was a Barbie girl, in the Persian world!

Last year I wrote a blog on cassette tapes, the albums that were never transferred onto compact discs and the lost musical heritage! A few days ago I was looking for a certain album in the sesame aka my archive … Continue reading

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Women not allowed to compete in Farhad Awards!

So far 537 pieces have been submitted to the Farhad Awards of which 20 are supposed to make it to the actual contest. According to Yahya Shariatnia, the member of the board, around 180 of these belong to female artists … Continue reading

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One-year-permits for FAJR performers

Ershaad has extended its granting of one-year-permits to all the participants of the last year’s FAJR music festival and not just the winners like it was planned from the beginning. These permits basically mean that all the artists who performed on … Continue reading

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