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Yesterday I attended a funeral. A funeral of a long time mentor and friend. Namely my favourite record store since twenty years back! After years of struggling to hold head above water in the rocky ocean of the business, the … Continue reading

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De Burgh in Tehran

Chris de Burgh has arrived to Tehran! He is holding press conference at the moment, making it to a landmark visit. However, despite all the political correctness, its still uncertain whether de Burgh gets to perfrom the planned concert with the ARIAN … Continue reading

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Beautiful actress, terrible songstress!

I am really open to the idea of artists crossing over to neighbouring domains of art, heck I even advocate it! And history has in fact proved that we very well can have omnipotent artists among us, and our Leila … Continue reading

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New Release: ARIAN – “Bi To, Baa To”

ARIAN’s 4th album “Bi To, Baa To” has just been released in Iran. The album features 15 audio tracks and 4 video tracks of which one is a 45 min documentary.

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The Chosen Prince

It’s confirmed, Jake Gyllenhaal will play the Prince of Persia “Dastan” in the forthcoming cinematic adaptation of “Sands of Time”! I must say that of all the possible choices they could have made (previous blogs) this isnt that bad after … Continue reading

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Issuing permits, no longer an issue!

According to Rahim Shahryari, the manager of the AZAR band, POP bands in Iran haven’t had any considerable problem with Ershaad issuing permits this past year but their main concern at the moment is rather the cost/logistics situation when it … Continue reading

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I am not sure which clever mind came up with the idea of adding carbon dioxide to doogh (I’ve heard it was the company AabAli that introduced it first, decades ago) but by doing that she/he managed to create magic … Continue reading

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