Beautiful actress, terrible songstress!

I am really open to the idea of artists crossing over to neighbouring domains of art, heck I even advocate it! And history has in fact proved that we very well can have omnipotent artists among us, and our Leila Forouhar is one perfect argument.

Scarlett Johansson, one of my eye-candies in American cinema who is also one of the few blonde exceptions that prove the rule of me preferring brunettes, has just released her debut album. And as much as I have looked forward to hear her strawberry lips uttering a seductive Marilyn Monroe-like voice for the heat of my summer afternoons, the girl basically sounds terrible! And by terrible I mean terrible! At its best it has a vague resemblance to Sinead O’Connor’s voice, after a sever case of flu! …and what’s bizarre is that I find it sexier this way! hehe!

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