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The Orchids to go on tour

Orkideh Hajivandi and her all-female band “Orkideh (Orchid)” who perfromed at last year’s Fajr Music Festival and came third are to soon go on the road for a mini tour. The band does not need any permit for their concerts … Continue reading

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Life imitating my mind!

Ever since the Sopranos got wrapped up last year I’ve been waiting and anticipating the ultimate DVD collection for which the HBO urged the collectors to “reserve lots of money for Christmas 2008”! And around the same time a fellow … Continue reading

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The domestic industry-media liaison

Negar Pedram recently wrote in Hamshahri about the industry-media liaison in Iran and argued that the reason why there hasn’t been any culture of criticism and reviewing of music established inside the country during the past three decades is mainly … Continue reading

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“Wish We Were Younger”

Is the beautiful title of a beautiful artwork by my dear talented friend Amelia, which I thought sharing with you. I love the sense of tranquility and joy it conveys and the nostalgic feeling it evokes in me! detail

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Cintiq Climax

I want a Wacom Cintiq 21ux so badly that it hurts! Cuz a constant orgasm is what working on it feels like!! Oh yeah babyyyyyyy!!!

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Sense and the City

Sex and the City is back, at least on the silver screen and finally women of the western world have got their equivalent to the Star Wars phenomenon! Every single premier is crowded with girl groups dressed and glammed up … Continue reading

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Becoming an Oldie

You realise that you are getting old when you start to think its too soon for a 20 years old song to be covered! Which I lately tend to do! I hear a remake and immediately think “already a remake?!!”, … Continue reading

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Sunny sounds of summer

What better album to score your summer days with than the annual instalment of Tiesto’s “In Search For Sunrise” series? Also make sure to check out his recent REMIX release of the last studio album “Elements Of Life”!

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Golzar: coming soon with an own band!

Mohamad Reza Golzar warns everyone who is buying tickets to the Darkoob band’s debut concert hoping to see him playing and singing! I am no longer involved with any music act till later this year when I present my own … Continue reading

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An eye candy makes a Hard Candy go down easier!

I’ve been stressing the importance of design and packaging, the overall aesthetic presentation of an album on many occasions. And Madonna’s limited edition release of her latest album “Hard Candy” proves that a clever idea (and a not so expensive … Continue reading

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