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ARIAN rocked the island!

The ARIAN chose their most up-beat songs for performance in Kish Summer Festival and re-arranged all the ballads to faster pace for the event. They even invited the sensational bass-player Dara Darayi to boost things up on stage, something which … Continue reading

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One controversial interview!

Here is the controversial interview which some have emailed me about. This little clip from VirtuPoint.Tv has in the past days steered up a lot of emotions among the fans of the brothers, who have apparently been offended by the fact that … Continue reading

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The extravagant Australian-born fashionista Sam Sparro released his self-titled album last month and just like the Finish/Lebanese Mika his music too has been brought MAINSTREAM by the tremendous support of fans on internet! Sparro continues to build further on the … Continue reading

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Geographic Algebra in Vienna

Mohsen Namjoo is said to be working on an old leaked album of his called “Jabre Joghraafiaa(Geographic Algebra”, to reproduce it with a JAZZ twist and release it on an Austrian label in Vienna.

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“Delhore va Arezoohaa” coming soon!

You have enjoyed his marvellous music and mixes exclusively on Bia2 for the past couple of years, on 1st October its time for Babak’s debut album to be released after three years of hard work. Having set up his own … Continue reading

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Nazeri: imitation is the worst plague

In a press-conference, reflected by Mirase Farhangi News Agency, Shahram Nazeri stated that he regards the ever-growing tradition of imitation and emulation in the Iranian music today as the worst and most worrying cultural plague of the last 120 years!

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ARIAN to sing only in Kish!

Mohsen Rajabpour, the manager of the ARIAN, said in a press-release that all the concerts of the band during the summer are moved to be preformed in Kish. The reason according to him is the organised discrimination of Tehran’s event- and … Continue reading

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Yeganeh at Kish Summer Festival

Mohsen Yeganeh whose legal debut has in this past couple of weeks become top-selling, fulfilled his second dream last week by opening the 11th annual summer festival of Kish with a sold out concert! thanks to Mansour J.

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Swedish summer greetings!

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer so far, God knows that I’m enjoying mine! As you might have noticed the blog is going through some technical update, please bear with us! thanks! 😉

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New Release: Siavash Ghomayshi – “Ragbaar”

Siavash Ghomayshi is back with a brand new album called “Ragbaar”, three years in the making. With a cover obviously inspired by Miller’s Sin City!

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