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From boy-band to rock-band!

The former THE BOYZ member Rojeh is back with his own band and a brand new album, performing a multi-cultural ROCK music in three languages, Persian, English and Spanish. I’m not sure whether THE BOYZ have split up or just … Continue reading

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House of Music and its passive members

According to Keyvan Saket, a member of the board of Khaaneye Moosighi (House of Music), only few of the registered members of the House of Music have showed interest in participating in the different activities of the cultural foundation, even … Continue reading

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New adventures of Sinbad

If you are a comic book fan then you are probably aware that there are more to the world of comics than the action-hero type of comic books that come from USA! In fact Europe and Belgium to be exactly … Continue reading

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Mahshar is said to be back in Iran!

Rumour has that Mahshar, mistakenly known as DJ Maryam, whose leaked songs a few years back caused sensation is now once again back in Iran! While she, in an interview with BBC Persian a couple of years ago stated that … Continue reading

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Mohsen Yeganeh gone legal?

Rumour has that Mohsen Yeganeh has finally received a release permit from Ershaad for his legal debut after years of underground activities! A cover has surfaced on the net which indicates a release on Avaye Nakisa. thanks to Mansour J. … Continue reading

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The Bia2 Music Store

In case you have missed the big news, has branched out as music store! We have always done our best to promote the struggling Iranian music and encourage fans to support the survival of the music they love by … Continue reading

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Review Update: Rastin’s explanation

The review on Rastin’s debut album was published yesterday. I brought to attention that Rastin sings “gorbe” while the lyrics printed in the booklet say “gerye”, something noted by many other listeners. And here comes Rastin’s response and explanation. Since … Continue reading

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Hunting down the BASS!

The Swedish CLUB MUSIC boywonder BASSHUNTER is releasing his first English-speaking album this week. The album will be featuring upgraded versions of his older HITS in English as well as BONUS Swedish tracks. Here is the latest video for “All I Ever … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Collectible

Those who find my passion for collectibles insane should check this baby out! This is my good friend Jura and his newly arrived friend, a 1:1 Endoskeleton (Terminator)! The shiny giant cost him $10.000 and a good while waiting for it … Continue reading

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Soltani: Iranians have difficult to collaborate!

Peyman Soltani, the Kapellmeister of the Nations’ Orchestra, explains the lack of consistent and successful Iranian bands by claiming that Iranians are more individualists than community members! Who favour their own preferences and interests rather than the collective’s. He argues … Continue reading

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