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Namjoo defending Namjoo

As a response to the accusations against him Mohsen Namjoo has on his official website published a short note in which he explains that this issue has been long solved with the authorities, to whom he had submitted an open … Continue reading

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Watch SHOCK part 1

You can download and watch the controversial IRIB program SHOCK’s first episode about the Iranian RAP movement and its danger for society! Rappers are associated with Satanism and drug addiction! This is a MUST WATCH program!   all 3 parts … Continue reading

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low quantity and quality of releases puts customers off!

The owner of one of Tehran’s many music stores on the verge of bankruptcy complains about the dire state of the industry and the crashing sales numbers. He claims that everyday many potential customers visit his store for new releases … Continue reading

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Pedgy Drama’s Blog

In an attempt to get readers writing, a week ago I welcomed everybody who blogs to contact me and submit links to their blogs. I also promised to share those I found interesting and suitable with fellow readers. The first blog I intend to share … Continue reading

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New Release: Jahan- “Lahzehaaye Aasheghi””

Rumour has that Jahan was seen at Beethoven Music Store in Tehran last year before its bankruptcy, looking for albums of late Banan! And that remakes are to be found on the new album. I dont know how much of … Continue reading

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The summer is almost over …

At least here in northern Europe! But seeing these latest pics of miss Shahi somehow, someway makes it start all over again! …and again! I think I need another vacation! ;p

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SHOCK, Rap and Satanism!

Following Ershaad’s call to a stand against “unhealthy music” as a national threat channel 3 of the state television (IRIB) is about to start a new program series called SHOCK, aiming to present RAP music along with Satanism and drug … Continue reading

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