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Deliciously Girlicious

I don’t know why, but everytime I see the new girlband Girlicious I get a sudden craving for something creamy and chocolaty!   On second thought, I know exactly why!

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Newcomers on the new album

Ehsan Khajehamiri is working on his new album “Salaame Aakhar” in his home studio. For the first time Afshin Yadollahi plays a smaller role in the production, the major parts have instead been given to newcomers. Note: Its been brought … Continue reading

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On the outer Fringe

These days in the absence of LOST from the television screens I don’t need to go too far to get my abstinence under control! J. J. Abrams, one of the producers of LOST, has just come up with a new … Continue reading

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ICOM opens online music museum

Soon the first Iranian online music museum will be launched by the nongovernmental organization ICOM. The director Peyman Soltani, who is also the kapellmeister of the Nations’ Orchestra, says that around 3000 photos and 5000 audio clips will be available … Continue reading

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One More Enigma

Michael Cretu has created a new album for his pseudonym ENIGMA, which will be released today! “Seven Lives Many Faces” comes also in a Limited Edition double CD for collectors. Unfortunately ENIGMA does no longer stand for cutting edge videos, … Continue reading

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Rajabpour’s New Discovery

Mohsen Rajabpour, the manager of both ARIAN and Benyamin, intends to present a new “star” to the domestic music scene. This young singer by the name of Soheil Tehrani is already being compared to Benyamin in terms of star-quality and … Continue reading

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New Sadeghi album on the way

Reza Sadeghi’s third legal album will hit the stores soon, called “Cheghadr Sakhte”. In which Sadeghi himself has composed most of the tracks along with compositions by Mehdi Zangangeh.

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