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My kind of cleavage!

Cote de Pablo in a scene from current season of NCIS! Check out those cute dimples! Aiiii carambaaaaaaa!!

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The Bayat band at Fajr

The Bayat band will be paying a homage to late Babak Bayat at this year’s Fajr Music Festival by performing a piece written for the occasion. The band is consisted of his son Bamdad Bayat, Mohammad Zandevakili and Babak Riahipor, … Continue reading

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One-girl band?

Dido, one of the best selling female artists in the history of British music, has just released her brand new album. There is not much surprise embedded in the music, as expected! When it comes to aesthetic presentation, however, there … Continue reading

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Modiri and Darkoob’s concert gets stopped!

The multi-talented Mehran Modiri who is currently fronting the Darkoob band and had a successful performance at the Aids Day gala, has been denied a permit for a concert in the same concert hall! It should be mentioned that the … Continue reading

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Pushed back premiers

Just wanted to let you guys know that if you see that some of the announced music videos haven’t been premiered yet its because the premier dates have been tentative and pushed back! So its not that we are bad-ghols! … Continue reading

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No more a Black Cat!

Schubert Avakian needs no presentation. What I really like and respect about Schubert is his “janbeh” and professional attitude! He has a very constructive way of meeting critique. Something which is really rare in the Iranian industry! In the past six … Continue reading

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Sepideh’s Surprise!

Sepideh is back with new material from her forthcoming album, to be released on Avang. The first song is some kind of surprise for old-school music fans! You’ll know once you hear it! Bia2 is proud to premier the video … Continue reading

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Arrangers: ARIAN never applied for permit!

Kambiz Roshanravan once again stated in a press conference that its only a rumour that the ARIAN and Hamid Askari haven’t received permits for performance in the Fajr Music Festival while the truth is that the ARIAN have never even … Continue reading

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First Encounter of the BLU Kind

I’m going BLU! Yep, slowly but surely I’m crossing over to the high definition technology (Just like our website!). My only reason as a collector to have been waiting so long is that previously there werent many blu-ray releases coming in exclusive and limited packagings. However … Continue reading

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Kamy R, the re-start!

I wasn’t really pleased with Kamyar’s addition to Black Cats and called it a “Cadillac pulling a chariot“ in my review! It was simply too strong for the old brand of POP which Black Cats delivered. Furthermore I also said … Continue reading

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