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Your guide to urban fashion

If you are into URBAN FASHION and culture like yours-truly, then make sure to pick up WAD! A 500 page-thick periodical with bilingual texts in both English and French! Needless to say, it provides one rich reading!

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Enrique and Ciara energise

I can’t stop listening to the energising duet between Enrique Iglesias and Ciara called “Takin’ Back My Love”, which is featured on Enrique’s “Greatest Hits” collection (available also as DELUXE with a DVD) and is also said to be included … Continue reading

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New Releases: Makan & Essi

Makan’s debut album “Roya” and Essi’s fourth album “Yeki Yeki” have both been released on

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One huge hairy hillbilly from Turkey!

I recently caught “Recep” (written and read “Rajab” in Persian), a Turkish popular character played by the comedian Sahan Kökbakar in his first motion picture. Recep is really a huge hairy hillbilly who accidentally ends up at a private resort and brings his … Continue reading

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I Like It

If you have been watching 50 Cent’s reality show “The Money and The Power”, you have surely been spotting the contestant Nima “Blue Eyes” Tabrizi! Recently his song “I Like It” feat. Ava, Jordan & Basic was brought to my … Continue reading

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Her Hills

I’ve never been a fan of the so called reality-soap “the Hills”, nor its predeccessor “Laguna Beach”. But I can’t resist watching the slender blonde Heidi, whenever her scenes and my zapping happen to randomly coincide! And this bootylicious pic of her … Continue reading

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Lohrasebi is working with Saffarian again

Ali Lohrasebi announced that his upcoming album will feature only five songs, written by Mohsen Yeganeh, Shahab Akbari, Amir and Arash Ghanadi, Mona Borzoee, Mehdi Yarahi and Roozbeh Bemani. The album will also present productions by Behrooz Saffarian, despite some … Continue reading

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Dance to Danny

Another former Swedish IDOL contestant returns with his new album. Danny Saucedo’s first album enjoyed a couple of fantastic tracks, incl the duet with Therese, but was diluted by a bunch of fillers which degraded the entire collection! In this follow up, however, … Continue reading

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Shear Nekisa

Yesterday while zapping, I discovered yet another fashion-related reality series called “Shear Genius”. Its a show basically about hair styling, if I’ve understood correctly! Among the contestants was a girl by the name of Nekisa whose name, appearance and accent … Continue reading

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Lady Duck

I was studying at the library yesterday when I, in a moment of reflection, looked out of the window. And that’s when I spotted her! She was standing there on the ledge, staring at me! Lady duck, my soon-to-be-model. Thanks to … Continue reading

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