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Cradle of creativity and culture

God how I miss “culture jamming”! If you are not familiar with the phenomenon its events or better said gatherings where creative minds from different medial and cultural backgrounds meet in one single domain. Painters, poets and musicians aspire to … Continue reading

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J as in Janet

Half-Iranian Janet Ava Leon whom I recently presented in this blog has now released her debut album “J”! The first video from the album is called “Let Go”:

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The return of a poster

“Just when Andy & Kouros had reached the peak of their popularity and success as a duo, they decided to break-up!! And let me tell you that it became something of a NATIONAL TRAGEDY!! The fans (not only Iranians) were … Continue reading

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Offbeatly Lily

Lily Allen is one of those artists whom I cant really make my mind about. Some songs I really like and the others I just cant stand! But I really like the cover of her brand new album which is really … Continue reading

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New Release: Ehsan Khajeamiri – “Fasle Taaze”

Ehsan Khajeamiri’s highly anticipated new album “Fasle Taaze” is finally out on IranGam in Iran. However the album seems to be distributed by Century Records in USA. The album looks also be missing the promised cover on his dad’s (Iraj) … Continue reading

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The silky set

One of the few recent additions to my movie collection. As you know I have a thing for so called “costume movies”! This limited Thai edition of “The Duchess” will look good next to my The Tudors set!

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Like two peas in a pod

The photo above is a recent press-photo from Danny Fernandes whom I presented in this blog a couple of days ago. This particular image happens to have striking resemblances to an image used on Idin’s album “Guess” over two years ago! An album cover which … Continue reading

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Taken Seriously

Taken is one of those movies that everybody has recommended to me! From those who love ass-kicking action to those who love wet-napkin drama. Everybody that has popped up in front of me has been unanimously praising and what other … Continue reading

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The soulful sound of Sheri

After Laleh and Janet, the 23-year-old Sheri Nowrozi is the new artist in the line of talented Iranian girls in Sweden who have stepped up to the plate and delivered quality music of professional standard! Sheri’s debut song is called … Continue reading

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Fear the wrath of this blogger, start blogging!

Friends often ask me how I find time and content for blogging. Well as most of you know I began blogging more than two years ago (mainly due to my ex’s encouragement) and it soon proved itself to be more … Continue reading

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