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My favorite producer at the moment

If I say Nadir Khayat not many recognize who I’m talking about, but when I say RedOne then the penny falls for many! No he is not Iranian as his name and appearance might coincidently indicate (even though he has … Continue reading

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Danesh’s digital delight

As a fan of digital art I have been following the career of the young Iran-based artist Soheil Danesh a couple of years now. He is a comic-strip illustrator, game concept designer and story-board artist for animations and films. His … Continue reading

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New Release: Sirvan Khosravi – “Saate 9”

By now you must have heard the samples on his official website. Sirvan Khosravi releases the follow up to the reported commercial failure, but ironically incredibly popular debut album (which makes the equation add up in illegal downloading!). During these … Continue reading

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New Release: Benyamin – “88”

Benyamin Bahadori’s follow up to the best-selling “85” is finally released after years of postponing due to him reportedly having felt pressure and wanting to digest the overnight success. The new album is accordingly named after its release year, namely … Continue reading

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Ershaad’s new music festival

Ershaad announced that it will be kicking off a new music festival this year. “Moghaavemat (Resistance)” is the revolutionary title of it, probably to match “Fajr”, and will be an annual event.

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Another creator has left us!

After the tragic departure of Parviz Maghsadi just recently, yesterday the Iranian music history experienced another loss. The veteran poet/songwriter Bijan Taraghi passed away at the age of 80, coincidentally on the day that was supposed to be Parviz Maghsadi’s … Continue reading

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Time 2 listen 2 Bia2!

Bia2 is celebrating its 6th year of innovation in entertainment with the launch of its brand new RADIO! The BIA2 RADIO takes a revolutionary approach by using FLASH, unlike any Iranian radio out there! No hassle, no need for various … Continue reading

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