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Askari postpones due to election

Another postponing on the way, this time Hamid Askari’s “Coma 2” which will be postponed ’til after the ongoing presidential election. The company is afraid that a release today risks being overshadowed by the election campaigns in media and chooses … Continue reading

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Sadeghi cancels and remakes new album!

Due to unexpected pre-release leakage Reza Sadeghi’s third legal album “Cheghadr Sakhte”, which was due out these days, is postponed until further notice! Reportedly Sadeghi and the producers have panicked and fear a commercial failure due to the leakage. Therefor … Continue reading

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I wish I was a mad man!

I’m watching the first season of the critically acclaimed and multiple EMMY-awarded TV-series “Mad Men”. I’ve never thought a show about an era wherein the American society and culture were highly charged with a post-war arrogance, moral hypocrisy and sexual/racial … Continue reading

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In fading memory of an anniversary …

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2 go 3

The Belgian CLUB act SYLVER are back with a new studio album. They have also gone from being a duo to being a trio! Unfortunately the album is also, in my opinion, the weaker of heir albums considering their amazing … Continue reading

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Ruins of a civilisation

The scene you see above displays the ruins of a civilisation that once used to be my home!lol This is what a home tends to turn into every now and then when its habitated by a shopaholic slash workaholic indvidual … Continue reading

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My little Padawans

I work with kids, giving them social and emotional training (EQ). However our sessions often end up being discussions about STAR WARS! Kids have a very limited understanding of history and time, so as far as they are concerned everything … Continue reading

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Underground V/A compilation

Got this press-release the other day, sounds like an interesting project which should be supported! “Compilation Album of Iranian Underground Music to be Released London, 19th May 2009 – The first in a series of compilation albums tapping Iran’s thriving … Continue reading

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Simply majestic!

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Exactly six months from now!

The image above is a snap shot of the teaser poster for Guy Ritchie’s take on Sherlock Holmes. Casting Downey Jr. as a geniusly wacky Holmes looks simply brilliant! Counting down to Christmas day is nothing I should really do … Continue reading

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