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New Release: 7th Music Band – “Baa To Mimoonam”

You have heard this trio’s songs in our music section and watched their videos as well. 7th Music Band started of as a 13 piece band 10 years ago and perhaps due to their initial number of bad luck (13) … Continue reading

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Regarding Andy and Bon Jovi

People have e-mailed me about the clip not working, I think it was an issue of false copyright claim! Anyhow, it works now. By the way, on a funny note! A childhood friend of mine contacted me and reminded me … Continue reading

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Hadise ‘n her HOUSE

Even though I didn’t find a single thing of what Hadise delivered at the EUROVISION original, her performance was one of the better that evening and it was only a matter of time that she’d cash in on the show … Continue reading

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Andy and Bon Jovi singing for Iranians

Note: thanks to Pedram

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Aspiring Asrar

Mohammad Reza Asrar is an aspiring young artist from Vancouver who is working with Kayvan of the PERSIA band on debut material. Here is a candid performance, I personally find him and his Farhad-inspired flavor and Ghanbari-an lyrical jargon promising.

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Faded phenomenon

By now you have all heard the news! I was never a fan of Michael Jackson, not because of the circus his life had become in latest decade but rather because his voice and music didn’t strike a chord with … Continue reading

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To put life in perspective

I don’t know if you have read “The Diving Bell and The Butterfly” or maybe watched the movie, but this tragic true story has in more than a decade been a fundamental source of inspiration for me! Its message is … Continue reading

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Wish you were here …

In loving memory of all righteous souls who got slaughtered in their quest for justice and freedom this week! … rest in peace. You will be dearly missed!

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The Persian Bay

Regardless of what one might feel about The Pirate Bay’s activities they have today showed guts and decency to support the current Iranian movement against the regime by changing their name to The Persian Bay and change their logo to … Continue reading

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