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Hami’s collection of themes

Hami will be releasing a collection of all his works for cinema, television and stages. The album will feature themes from “Hadafe Asli”, “Salam”, “Pato Zamin Nazar”, “Mardane Koochak”, “Poshte Shemshadha” and “Bekhatere Sogand”. To mention a few.

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Wonders of mother nature II

Another celeb to whom maternity has been extra kind and generous is the British television presenter Holly Willoughby! This lovely lass has always been well-endowed, however pregnancy has made her blossom and reach her full potential! Amen to that!lol And … Continue reading

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Bia2 Android App

Are you enjoying the Bia2 Mobile Apps? Ready for another giant leap already? Well, ready or not here it comes! We bring you the Bia2 Android App! And, like always, we are proud to be the FIRST and ONLY Android … Continue reading

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Askari’s album on the way …?

“Coma 2” is once again announced for release, due out next week! No title available (bad sign!) but there will be nine new tracks featured on it. Nima Varasteh is said to have arranged the entire album. Varasteh also arranged … Continue reading

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“14” album, 14 days, 14 songs!

And finally Ali Lohrasebi’s forever postponed album looks like to see the light of day within the next 14 days, with 14 tracks and thus titled “14”! The album includes even the HIT-theme of the TV-series “Delnavaazaan” and is the … Continue reading

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“Ahange FOGHOLADE zibaye man!”

99% of all song-submission emails I recieve are mass-mails or better said spam-mails bulk-sent to all possible blogs and websites in the Iranian online community! What bothers me though, if we pretend that the spam itself isn’t enough, is that … Continue reading

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My new blue obsession!

My old blue obsession!

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