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Review on the fabulous baker boys

Not sure if you still remember but I also happen to write reviews!lol Well, I don’t blame you if you’ve forgot. Its been a while since the last one due to my other commitments in life and the fact that … Continue reading

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Homemade stuns Hollywood

In case you have missed the sensation this 5 minutes long short film by the Uruguayan filmmaker Fede Alvarez has created then here is your chance to check it out! This FX specialist created something that has taken Hollywood by … Continue reading

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More Sir-whine with an Arian!

It feels like lately every second post is about Sirvan and I for one hate it because I know that its exactly what the guy wants to achieve through his systematic publicity stunts and announcements! If there is one thing … Continue reading

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Askari: I chose not to retaliate!

In an interview with Moosighie Maa Hamid Askari says that he doesnt expect the same success that he once had with “Coma 1” to happen even for the newly released follow up “Coma 2”. Such unexpected success happens only with … Continue reading

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Le grand provocateur

If you know me then I surely don’t need to explain why I am eagerly waiting for this French cinematic biopic of Serge Gainsbourg! If you are not familiar with this French icon, I don’t think that one can really … Continue reading

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My Don Draper style interpretation!

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Rated Rihanna

When I wrote about Rihanna’s “Reloaded” album two years ago I had no idea that it was going to be the golden cash cow milked for more editions than fingers on your both hands! Each reloaded (pun very much intended) … Continue reading

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Richard did take Sirvan to Holland!

And Finally Richard’s tremendous efforts paid off! A radio in Holland made Sirvan’s “Saate 9” song the song-of-the-week and has given it high-rotation. They are also interested to get in touch with the artist and will most likely feature other … Continue reading

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IRIB sanctions artists

In recent week IRIB released a list of artists whose work have either completely or partly, definitely or indefinitely been banned from the state media. Foremost the state radio! This is a long list of all sorts of artists, dead … Continue reading

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