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See you in the next decade!

Since decades back Sweden and some other European countries have shown this classic sketch on new year’s eve. So it is a tradition that I thought sharing with you guys this year. Admittedly its 10 minutes have always got me … Continue reading

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Varasteh: Benyamin ripped me off!!

Nima Varasteh whose name is being associated with Benyamin’s successful debut and Hamid Askari’s recently released “Coma 2” as the arranger says in an interview with Ettefaghe No that he was the violinist Siamak Khahani’s substitute in all of ARIAN’s … Continue reading

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Who robbed who?!

Last Saturday was the Boxing Day, which for me and many others means the big bargain day! As many shops officially open their annual sales during that day and often extend to the following week. However the best items are … Continue reading

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Askari: Benyamin has copied me!

In an interview with Taraaneye Maah Hamid Askari, who had ’til now adopted a very pragmatic approach to Benyamin’s accusations, says that he has had enough of people assuming it was him ripping off Benyamin while it is in fact … Continue reading

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Thanks to all the free publicity our vanguards of the 2500 years old Persian civilization gave Miller’s “300” through their hysteria, Miller has now decided to once again tap on and cash in on the controversy by this time focusing … Continue reading

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Payam Salehi goes solo!

ARIAN’s co-lead Payam salehi is about to release his solo debut, featuring work by Hamid Askari and Nima Varasteh. This news along with Ali Pahlevan’s recent complaints about the practical and financial disadvantages of a big band further fuels the … Continue reading

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One kick ass mic!

Forget about Steven Tyler’s trademark scarf attired mic-stand or Mariah Carey’s bling-bling mic, Rihanna spins further on the whole tough broad image (which in fact contradicts her music) with her own custom-made mic. A crossing between brass knuckles and machete! … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas everyone!

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My Xmas pressie to myself!

Hey one has got to spoil himself ever now and then, right?! Though it happens more often in my case! Hehe, so what do you think? I know its a bit cold for a trench right now but I couldn’t … Continue reading

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