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Sasy Mankan appears on a movie premier!

Sasy Mankan invalidated all rumors about his escape to Germany following an alleged lethal assault on his mother last summer, by showing up on a movie premier in the Arike Iranian complex in Tehran! Other celebrities present were of both … Continue reading

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Watching a master at work

If you are an aficionado and collector of film posters or appreciate it as an art then the name of this master shouldn’t be unfamiliar to you. Drew Struzan is truly a master of his art, a legend in the … Continue reading

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Maneli on guitar

If you are into instrumental music then check out the young and talented musician Maneli Jamal’s music. Maneli happens also to be the grandson of the late Iranian author M. BehAzin! With a background in both Europe and America Maneli … Continue reading

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Chavoshi: I wont be performing!

Last week SHAHR news agency announced an upcoming performance by Mohsen Chavoshi. Chavoshi has however, in an interview with Moosighie Maa, rejected the news as false! I have neither applied for such performance, nor been asked to by anyone, Chavoshi … Continue reading

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Cartoonish cute

I had to endure the second installment of the Twilight saga on its premier night, thanks to my lovely date who hated when I suggested that the fair and fragile Kristen Stewart looks like a wet little bird or scared … Continue reading

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