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Finding an old friend

This is my dear old friend (and in a way also once my mentor) Salam, paying full attention to a debate without being aware of the scribbling me capturing his profile! hehe. This was done on the back of a … Continue reading

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Farzad Farzin: I lied sleepless many nights!

In an interview with Music360 Farzad Farzin says that he was so afraid of having his album leaked and bootlegged that he released the album prematurely on a late afternoon with a misprinted cover, as soon as he heard that … Continue reading

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” …and it was all yellow!”

The spring blooms vividly in bright colors (yes, even here in Northern Europe) and what better way to celebrate this orgy of nature than with an eye-popping scarf of pastel yellow! 😉

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Kasra’s message to all you superstars out there

Check out the video “Superstar” by Kasra, who’s done this song in order to send a message to the Iranian youth. Like he sings in the video, you should follow your dreams and artistic aspirations regardless of the cultural expectations! … Continue reading

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My kind of optical illusion! ;)

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Sirvan went unplugged for debut concert

Sirvan Khosravi’s debut concert was held last week in the Iranian Arkie complex, after a couple of months of hurdles and hassling. According to witnesses Sirvan looked a bit nervous during the first half of the concert which together with … Continue reading

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Equinoxe IV

One of my dear readers contacted me and asked me what “religious holiday” Equinox was that I greeted everyone in my Norooz post the other day! Well as you know there is a reason why we celebrate our new year … Continue reading

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Happy Norooz, happy equinox!

With only hours left to the spring equinox and before you’re off to celebrate the arrival of 1389 with your loved ones, we’d like to seize the opportunity to wish you all a happy Norooz and a brand new year … Continue reading

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