Review Update: claim versus claim

This is what I wondered in my review on Valy’s debut album:

“And KO is in fact the only one who has been given credit for the co-production of the songs on the album, who really stands for the lyrics, compositions and arrangements is not really clear since there is no list of credits presented!” (full review)

The Germany-based producer Alex Abedi contacted me with this info just yesterday, taken from the website of a debuting artist he is producing for by the name of Mahkam, and apparently this is the answer why:

“Just before he moved to Germany, the afghanian singer “Valy”, who was looking for some good songs and lyrics for his first album, came to Iran and so they met eachother on the Jomhouri Street in Tehran. Mahkam composed 5 songs (Khanoomi, Hame Karat Dorooghaki, Khaab, Doostdokhtar and Delamo Shekoondi) which were released by Avang on Valys album “After Love” in 2007. Unfortunatly Valy claimed to be the lyricist and composer of those songs. In every video Valy wrote that he was the creator and even in the booklet of the album Mahkam and the lyricist “Siamak Khosravani” were only named as “Valy-Family” and not as the composer and the lyricist. But in defeat Mahkam stood up again, and instead of suing and going to court he decided to answer with music.” (full statement)

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