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Cute winner in a crappy contest

For the first time in the 25 years of my Eurovision watching life I’ve managed to guess what entry would win! Overall it is a rather difficult task, even for the most seasoned Eurovision expert (there actually exists such experts!) … Continue reading

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Meet my date!

If you do any kind of hardcore resistance training and do not like to consume processed products for preparation, like yours-truly, then I suggest you to try dates (both kinds will do, though I meant the fruit!lol Thought saying the … Continue reading

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Rosie replaces Foxy

As devastated as I might be about Megan Fox not doing a third Transformers movie, after her verbal feud with Michael Bay and the crew last year, I might be able to convince my heart to find a place for … Continue reading

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Sirvan: why want to become Avakian?!

The readers of Taraaneye Maah journal have in a poll chosen Sirvan Khosravi as the best arranger of the year. Sirvan himself says that he is neither surprised nor thrilled since he has become known as mainly an arranger and … Continue reading

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Lost respect for LOST

It all did end at last but what a disastrous end it was! A conclusion of catastrophic proportions! In the end LOST, the show I once worshipped the foundations of, became one of the biggest disappointments of my life. I … Continue reading

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Oh, my deer!

When you live in a country with low population density like Sweden you have the privilege of living right next to the green and unspoiled nature, even though living in a big city. It gives you the opportunity to easily … Continue reading

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A man with a scarf

Sadly due to my hectic schedule on this side of the globe I wasn’t able to make it to our 7th anniversary events in Canada. I’m sure you have checked out the lovely photos from those faithful nights already, but … Continue reading

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Happy post-day!

The good old post-it note celebrates its 30th year today. This internationally used sticky piece of paper was originally an invention that came to be by an accident, a product of a failure! Yet it has been successfully in business … Continue reading

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