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New Release: Sohrab & Amir – “Zire Baroon”

After his dramatic stunt in the media Nima Varasteh has become the most demanding producer around and an equivalent to the likes of Timbaland, but within the Iranian industry, constantly demanding recognition to the extent of being mentioned in every … Continue reading

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Chavoshi: I’ll be always singing religious themes!

Mohsen Chavoshi’s appearance on the latest religious compilation “Hasht” dedicated to Imam Reza, along with other high profile stars has caused some controversy among his fans. Mohsen however makes it clear in an interview with Moosighie Iranian, that he has … Continue reading

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Review Update: Father or brother?!

If you have read my latest review on Ali Ashabi’s legal debut then you’ve noticed that I’ve mentioned a lyrics-writing “father” by the name of Hadi Ashabi. My information was gathered from an official press release and interview in Moosighie … Continue reading

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Debi’s bilingual debut

The first time I saw the Costa Rican hotness Debi Nova was on the Victoria’s Secret fashion show back in 2005. No not as a winged model but rather as a guest performer by Ricky Martin’s side. I was literally … Continue reading

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Spinal display vol. II

This clip shows basically the same idea though in a much larger proportion and exhibition!

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Sirvan on Khajeamiri’s upcoming album

Ehsan Khajeamiri’s 5th studio album will be titled “Yek Khaatere az Fardaa” and will be featuring one song arranged by Sirvan Khosravi. Khajeamiri has in the past expressed his love for electronic music and is now eager to hear people’s … Continue reading

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It’s all about the attitude! hehe

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Farzin’s concert on waters

According to Moosighie Iranian Farzad Farzin is currently starring in a motion picture about an aspiring singer whose biggest dream is to sing a song for the Persian Gulf while standing on a boat. The movie titled “Concerte Rooye Aab” … Continue reading

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Small step for the blog, giant leap for mankind!

Alright, as you can see this is a lame late night idea that occurs only to the mind of a tired individual with midsummer cold!lol This is shot with my old but loyal Cannon cam, and its already low A/V … Continue reading

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