Blog: terms and conditions

Many amateur and professional artists contact me directly or indirectly, via my dear colleagues on Bia2, asking me to write blogs about them and their work. I gladly do that, free of any charge, however(!!!) It will not be free of conditions!

It will depend on media and genre (excluding traditional music, unless its a fusion) and I only feature artists or material that I feel fit and having reached a certain stage in development that warrants a public presentation. Or information that are in some way of interest to the general public (no concert announcements!). The feature has to be of an “informative” nature and not commercial or promotional. I assess each unique case individually so the best way is to contact me directly ( and I will gladly let each and every one of you know if and when your work is mature enough to be presented. Do not regard my blog as the only resort for exposure, I’m sure there are tens of websites and blogs that would love to put your work up for download. However, if you have been a reader of mine during the past seven years, you are familiar with my work and know how I operate. And most importantly, you know that I operate constructively and calculatedly based on experience. Personally and professionally. I have been active as a creative consultant and critic for over a decade and I am committed to my blog as my main communication organ, subsequently I am rather personal and picky when it comes to those I decide to pick for presentation on my blog. Unlike my reviews my blog is meant to be subjective, thus come my strict and specific conditions regarding content and aesthetics. You simply have to trust my judgement and decisions in order for it to work, that I do what I do for your best interest. If you do not trust my editorial judgement or do not have patience, do not contact me at all! Because you will only get irritated by my guidance and insistence. And never forget that my writing is my intellectual property, therefore I reserve the right to refusal at any stage of correspondence!

If you are thinking about a public exposure on this blog just keep a couple of things in mind, always have professionally taken press photos of yourself ready. Along with high quality material for presentation, even if these are just demos on youtube! Even amateur artistry should have a professional flair, in my opinion, especially when nowadays with all the technical possibilities in mind it really doesn’t take more than a good taste to at least look professionally presentable.

Last but definitely not least, try to adhere to etiquettes of correspondence and keep things to basic facts in your presentation of yourself. Public relation and communication skills are a huge part of an artist’s key to success. I don’t copy paste promotional texts and do not endorse tooting of own horn. I only support honest and hard-working aspirants. In other words try to remain humble and let your work speak for itself!

Thanks for your attention, keep up the creative work!

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