Yazdani: all Iranians love Imam Reza!

Reza Yazdani says in an interview with Moosighie Iranian that his contribution to the religious compilation “Hasht” was because of his belief. No matter whether we are religious or not all Iranians love Imam Reza, Yazdani argues, besides how could one ignore the date of the event this particular year? The 8th day of the 8th month in the year 88, to celebrate the 8th Imam! I am just sorry that the compilation was delayed and wasn’t released on that special day, he says. However my only condition was to have the freedom of delivering the homage in my signature style, and I am glad that I got to do exactly that. A ROCK piece that differs from the rest of the songs on the track list. Electric guitar and religious theme do not necessarily clash, Yazdani concludes, but rather appeal to a different part of the audience.

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