Three layers deep

Christopher Nolan is back. While the whole world loved “The Dark Knight” I found it to be one of my favorite directors’ most overrated works! But I’m thrilled to see the Christopher Nolan of “Memento” and “The Prestige” back with another mind blowing opus. I’m even more thrilled to see his “Inception” not only delivering but even surpassing all my expectations. As you know these were neither low nor few! The movie grabbed me immediately and pulled me down deep, all “three layers deep”, and kept me down there in nearly three hours! Intelligence, heart and soul, it has it all! Style and substance. Not a single detail out of place nor a single second without suspense. All orchestrated down to micro perfection. In fact I have never seen such a complex concept being delivered so completely and compactly, yet so calculatedly and comprehensively! Nolan truly took on a challenge with this one, which unlike “Memento” is also an exhibition in visual precision.

The movie doesn’t take the easiest way out, it rather takes the most labyrinthine path at basically every turn and makes the most acrobatic maneuvers, yet it arrives gracefully at every check point and ultimately home without entanglement or flat fall. “Inception” is not “Avatar”, its dramaturgy keeps up with its cinematography every step of the way and gives your intellect and senses a good workout. Christopher Nolan’s science fiction goes straight to my all-time favorites’ list, as one of the most skilfully crafted and perfectly executed works of cinema. A true masterpiece that stretches and blurs out the frameworks of the trade!

The rest of the celebrated cast with all due respect, its the slick Joseph Gordon-Levitt and charming Tom Hardy who steal the spotlight in “Inception”, by kicking some serious ass!

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