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Askari: “Coma 3” is on its way

In an interview with Moosighie Iranian Hamid Askari confirmed the rumours about his third album being titled “Coma 3”, he also said that it will be featuring nine tracks. The album has received its permit, Askari adds, the release however … Continue reading

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Play that funky iPhone white boy!

Will iPhones and iPads be the future of musical instrumentation?!

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Posted in Miscellaneous, Picture Postcards

Topolie rizemize enghade balaa nemishe!

Although she’s always yo-yoed in weight, I’ve always preferred my Christina Aguilera a bit topoli-mopoli! How about you?!

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Etch-A-Sketch iPad case!

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Breakfast break without any sleep

When you’ve been up studying all night and plan to go straight to work at the early dawn, this is how your breakfast tends to look like!

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Don’t forget to catch some angels tonight!

It’s that time of the year again, time for the Victoria’s Secret 2010 fashion show!

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“Quit pulling your trunk!”

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