No more POP music at Fajr festival

The Ministry of Culture and Guidance (Ershaad) has decided to indefinitely remove the POP category from the Fajr (alt. Fadjr) music festival, after two years of controversial existence. POP will not be banned from the festival, it will be played off the festival, however according to HamidReza Shahabadi of Ershaad the genre is yet not refined enough to be supported in such serious events. We are not against the genre itself, however there are branches of it that are harmful to our culture and until these risks haven’t been eliminated we need to support the strength and resistance of our indigenous music.

Ali Pahlavan of ARIAN has in an interview with Moosighie Iranian said that POP music is in need of a festival of its own, since there are different categories and sub-genres to popular music, of which many are incomparable in contest. Pahlavan also said that he sees no need for a financial aid from the government for the POP music, such aid better be granted to Traditional and Religious artists. The POP music however needs media for exposure and enforced copyright laws, that is something which the government can help to provide, Pahlavan adds.

Note: thanks to Siamak

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