140 concerts in 90 days

These are rather strange days for the domestic music scene. While Ershaad’s office of music has had no official head, ever since the forced resignation of Mohamad Ali Khabari eight months ago, still permits are being issued! Like no other time before as a matter of fact. Which shows that this institution is only formal, while the real decisions are being made elsewhere! In fact in the past 90 days 140 concerts have been permitted and held in the country. Of which Ehsan Khajeamiri, who allegedly enjoy the endorsement of the political system, is the leader with fourteen concerts. After him have Mohsen Yeganeh, Reza Sadeghi and Benyamin Bahadori been the most active performers of the year. Strangely Hamid Askari, the former undisputed king of concerts is nowhere on the list, after his recent set backs. At this rate even the ticket prices are rising and Ershaad has said that an investigation is imperative for a solution to this problem.

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