The Sadeghi biopic is still in the making

Back in 2009 I mentioned a movie with the working title “Bi-Khodaahaafezi” that was about to be filmed, starring Reza Sadeghi. It was to be a biopic of some sort, not a documentary in other words. Then suddenly was “Raaze Shab” released and had everyone thinking that it was probably the movie which rumours had. Now Moosighie Iranian reports that the movie “Bi-Khodaahaafezi” is still in the making and has nothing to do with the documentary released last year. According to the producer Neshat it has taken them three years to convince Sadeghi to play himself, while he kept arguing that he is not an actor. However the movie, which is said to be a musical, is having its script rewritten to meet the director Kioumars Pourahamd’s demands. The filming of “Bi-Khodaahaafezi” is set to start as soon as the scrip is redone and ready.

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