Rajabpour on Salehi and Benyamin

Mohsen Rajabpour recently expressed his opinion about Payam Salehi’s solo project “Hess”. He said that Payam really wanted to experience a solo album and his material were not suitable for ARIAN. It’s now up to Payam to evaluate the outcome of his decision, but it should be said that this endeavour has indirectly damaged ARIAN! Indicating a commercial failure, Rajabpour said that Salehi should not have released an original album in these days where everyone in the world releases BEST OFs and REMIXes.

Rajabpour also said that Benyamin is working on his third album. Its yet not announced who the composers and arrangers of the album are, but just like his previous albums all lyrics are written by Farid Ahmadi.

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