Announcing album and confessing cover

Mohsen Chavoshi has currently two albums queued for release. The first in line which is due out already on Wednesday this week is titled “Haris”. This album which has due to unclear reasons pushed back the release of the previously announced “Man Khod Aan Sizdaham”, features eleven tracks and is released on Tasvire Donyaye Honar. Also, it should be mentioned that Mohsen Chavoshi has finally confessed in an interview with Etefaghe No that his song “Chaar Divaari” on the album “Jacket” in fact is a cover! He expresses regret for doing a cover and claims that it is his first and last cover, since he is more than capable to compose own songs. Although the original song in question is not mentioned in the interview, due to obvious reasons, it is the song “See You Again” by Miley Cyrus.


Note: Thanks to Mansour J.

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