MONOCLE is one of the few magazines and journals I still subscribe to for a hard-copy edition, in these days of digital media. This monthly oracle describes itself as “a briefing on global affairs, business, culture and design” and basically delivers you that magical potion in an ark of 200 pages every month. Having been a reader of mine surely you realise that even the description alone gives me an orgasm!lol This gorgeously edited and packaged chunk of reading is unique in its way of successfully combining and offering the modern global citizen the best of all worlds! I have been out on the field these past five weeks and therefore the February issue reached me a bit later than usual, interestingly there is a full-bleed article on Kish island called “Kish me quick: Iran’s easy breezy island outpost”. If you are interested in that article or if I’ve managed to sell you MONOCLE go to for your copy or subscription!

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